Moving Forward.


This building holds a great amount of history. Being the first ever Hilton Hotel, there are five divisions to the museum. Admission to the museum is free and we encourage people passing through town to stop and take a peek. There are also spaces on the grounds available for rent for special events and occasions.


In 1919 Conrad Hilton came to Cisco in hopes of purchasing a bank. However, when the owner of the bank increased the price, he declined the offer. That evening Hilton came down to the Mobley Hotel to spend the night. He noticed the lobby was completely packed and that the hotel was switching occupants in the rooms every eight hours, reason being the oil boom that was taking place in the area. The owner of the Mobley, Henry Langford Mobley, coincidentally was ready to get out of the hotel business. He and Conrad came to an agreement, so Conrad contacted home. Getting several investors on board, including his mother, Conrad was able to purchase the Mobley Hotel. The world's first ever Hilton.