About Cisco

Population: 3,853

In 1919, Conrad Hilton came to Cisco with plans to buy a bank in the midst of the oil boom. At that time hotel rooms were being rented in 8 hour shifts for fantastic prices. Seeing the opportunity for profit he purchased the Mobley Hotel in the center of downtown Cisco establishing the first in the Hilton chain of hotels. December 23, 1927 is a day that will long be remembered in Cisco when Marshall Ratliff dressed as Santa Claus robbed the First National Bank, one of Texas' most infamous crimes. Visit Cisco and take a short drive out to the Lake Cisco Dam to see what was once the largest concrete swimming pool in the world. While there, you will see remnants of the old zoo where the cages were actually built into the hillsides. When in Cisco visit the antique shops, amazing boutiques as well as delicious restraunts and coffee shops on Conrad Hilton Blvd. To learn more about events, dates, and times of annual events contact the Chamber of Commerce located in the Mobley Hotel, 309 Conrad Hilton Ave, 254-442-2537